Hello fellow cottagers!

Have you ever wondered what was happening at your property when you’re not there? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right spot.

We at Do It Yourself Cottage Watch have been installing video surveillance systems for twenty years in North America providing fellow cottagers with peace of mind and security. With the use of a video observation system that can hold 4 to 12 cameras and it’s own modem and switching device so you can see what’s happening around and inside your cottage at any time. With the use of a simple phone line and a dial-up internet connection you can view live video of your cottage on your home computer or laptop.

That’s right, now you can watch your place anywhere in the world over the phone lines. If you’re asking yourself “Is this something I really need?”, then ask yourself how often you’ve wondered the following:

  1. Is my boat alright?

  2. Does my roof need to be cleaned off because of too much snow?

  3. Has a tree hit my cottage after a storm?

  4. Is my family ok while I'm working in the city?

  5. Has my place been broken into?

  6. Wonder what the weathers like?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the above questions, then this system may be exactly what you need for peace of mind and security. It will also lower your insurance premiums.

**No Monthly Charges!!**

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